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Your baby’s [Invitation letter of art dream], please check!


Want to become the TV series "Green Elf" protagonist, appeared in the major TV?

Want to participate in Hengdian more than 300 each year the role of the play?

Want to be "Dacheng / Xiaoai Ningbo spokesman", take gifts, honor?

This time, we joint Hengdian "green elf" crew

so much, so cool

Ready to qualify for the final 50, all won!

Small actor sea election enrollment......Come on!Show yourselves!

Joint "green elf" crew, the event with three links:sea election, audition, and fina. Ultimately produce 50 strong.
Sea election time: 17 -18th October, 2015 (sub-screenings)
Audition time: 24-25th October 2015 (Break)
Finals: 31st October, 2015
Note: time if there is change, will be informed in advance


I want to sea election

Sea object: 4-15 year-old child

Sea election requirements: 1 minute self-introduction, 3 minutes free display of personal characteristics, expertise, unlimited (clothing owned)

Enrollment time: now until October 15, 2015 only

Sea election Location: Cheerbb Playing kingdom Ningbo Tianyi Centre

Add: 2nd floor (behind the church), No. 117, Qizha Street, Tianyi Square, Haishu District, Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province.

Tel: 86-574-83882057




"Environmental Pokemon" is a theme of environmental protection to the 100 sets of children's play, with the magic inspirational form, for the characteristics of children, refused to rigid preaching, machinery instill environmental awareness, with novel and unique way to tell the laughing touching Story, let the audience in the laughter and the truth touched active learning, both in layman's language about environmental protection knowledge, environmental protection skills, but also to guide children in the subtle influence of independent thinking, love and respect, as long as love themselves, love each person, In order to love the world we live.

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