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Cheerbb awarded ‘2015 China"s most investing-potential brand in commercial real estate industry’.



From 22 to 23 September, the 10th China Commercial Real Estate Summit Forum and the sixth Eastern China Commercial Real Estate Investment Conference of were held in Shanghai. This conference is jointly hosted by and Shanghai Shopping Center Association. There are nearly 150 commercial projects introduced to the conference, which attracted 200 chain brands which have plans to open shops in Eastern China. The most authoritative voices of the industry, the executives of national retail sector, the developers across the country and the bigwigs from financial sector and media sector have attended the conference. In the conference, with the concept of "Child Growth Ecosphere " based on the core of "intelligent game", Cheerbb has won the award of "2015 China's most potential investment brand as a commercial real estate" in the conference.


Cheerbb, where is the investment potential?

Based on the close connection with the theory of multi-element intelligences developed by Harvard University, by integrating two major sources of online business Cheerbb Toy and offline Cheerbb Play Kingdom and combining the intelligent new hardware and the evaluation software based on the advanced Internet of things, and game-based situational teaching, Cheerbb brings a comprehensive service containing intelligent game, evaluation and happy learning to the children in the playground.


Since its inception in 2010, Cheerbb has possessed more than 1 million users in the country, and the number is still increasing, with thousands of new users every day; As for the offline development, the brands have 5 direct-sale stores of Cheerbb Play Kingdom in cities such as Shanghai, Wenzhou and Ningbo and so, covering cities of different scales. The Number of users is keeping on increasing day by day.


In the future, Cheerbb will extends to public and commercial spaces such as parks, communities and hotels and so on, making Smart-play incorporated into the habit of children. Under the cooperation model of Cheerbb ecosphere, the high-quality resources in the industry will be integrated to provide solutions to the industry of Children Smart-play. With the child's physical and mental health as the starting point, and bringing the force of entire society, Cheerbb is dedicated to the development of children's talent and build a big data of children study.


Cheerbb Play Kingdom: Site Requirement.

Suitable area: 500-2000㎡

Business model: self-employed, single-store franchising, joint operation 

Site requirements: the 1st to the 3rd floor of commercial complex 

Engineering Requirements: 

【Safety】pass the fire safety inspection; 

【Ventilation】Good air circulation.

Cooperation Hotline:4001-535-161

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