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Expected two-child policy, unexpected crossover harvest


“The second child” crazily reprinted by major media and friends circle

However, "some person" has been preparing for this for 5 years!

Currently, in the "14th China International Toy and Educational Equipment Exhibition", the "Intelligent Game" of Cheerbb Play Kingdom have harvested numerous victories! by means of "cross-border" appearance of their products integrating Smart-play system, Cheerup Learning courses, toys, evaluation systems and other resources.


Without following the common sense, how does Cheerbb make a "cross-border" stage pose?


They don't do the new product release, but display the education toy of "twist stick" with the innovation patent. They don't do the kindergarten output, but seek for true friends and good teachers to create "Intelligence Utopia". They don't do equipment production, but design and output the "children intellectual play system". They don't do model display, but release the "multiple intelligence situational evaluation system". 


The right to open the "second child" 5 years brewing history!
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