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Do you know your child"s talent? Cheerup Learning "N 1" talent education, September 10 debut in Shanghai!


September 10, 2016, Cheebb's first Cheerup Learning Center settled in Shanghai QiBao Powerlong center, Cheerup Learning "N + 1" talent education, aims to find and nurture the talent of children!

At this point, to "Smart Play" as the core of Cheerbb Play Kingdom children experience center , "talent education" as the core of the Cheerup Learning, and Cheerbb toy (O2O mode). The ‘play-learn-buy’ healthy ecosystem of children’s growth creates!



What is Cheebb "N + 1" talent education?

Cheerbb "N + 1" Talent Education is a professional and complete education system, a systematic growth scheme targeting at stimulating children's talents, which draws on the theory of multiple intelligences, and the essence of many other great theory of early childhood education. Aims to find and nurture the talent of children. It adopts a game-style and contextualized teaching method, Combined with professional observation and evaluation. It soaks into children's life omnibearingly. Six courses are advanced curriculum model, the maximum support each child's zone of proximal development, concerned about the child's personality talents, abilities, let each child to become the best of themselves. Cheerbb "N + 1" Talent Education for the children of custom exclusive their best future!



What are the characteristics of courses?

Since the introduction of Harvard University's Theory of Multiple Intelligences in 2010, the research 'the Application of Multiple Intelligences Theory in Family Education' has been established in Chinese Society of Education, Beijing Institute of Education.Besides, the crosswise issues of development of children have been set up in East China Normal University and other well-known colleges and universities. In 2016, combined with quintessence of eastern and western culture, we found the crosswise project of development of children in partnerships with East China Normal University. We built the n+1 education system of latent talents with 6 major courses by immersion teaching method. This aims to create the all-around environment of growth.



Why choose Cheerup learning?

Top of curriculum research and development team, after several years of careful research results.

Based on the eight intelligences educational environment, combined Smart- play and Happy- study, more accord with children's nature.

A sound system and security measures, complete with teachers, comprehensive care.

Professional teachers observe and record children, to provide personalized growth projects for children.

Love is the origin, small class teaching so that children get more attention.

Advanced Curriculum Mode, QinRu teaching to maximize support each child's zone of proximal development.

APP platform drying out parenting skills, race out talent.

Millions of professional game facilities and educational toys.

Open teaching to encourage children to show themselves.

The advanced and practical mode of N + 1 Education, combines basic education and talent education.



















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