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Cheerbb uses multiple intelligences for reference, leads the global children’s Smart-play industry


The picture shows the founder of Cheerbb Ms. Wu Longying accepted an interview with CCTV


Cheerbb Play Kingdom with "love" as the beginning, "play" as the media, held in Shanghai Jinmao Building, "Cheerbb • Multiple Intelligence - Heart origin and Cheerbb Play Kingdom Global Alliance set sail" brand conference, and More pregnant with the dream of the cause of children partners to build the platform. Cheerbb learn from multiple intelligence, so that more children experience "Smart- play", "find talent, nurture talent"!



The picture shows the meeting site


On the same day, Prof. Shen Zhilong, the father of China's multiple intelligences, Professor Gao Chenghua, a well-known parenting expert in China, and many others, such as education industry, children industry, investment community and cooperation alliance, witnessed more than 10 media such as CCTV. This event.



The picture shows the father of China's multi-intelligence Professor Shen Zhilong


"Cheerbb with 5 years time will be multiple intelligence theory practice, presented in the Cheerbbers to play the country, which makes me very pleasantly surprised.With the practice of multiple intelligences theory, the key is not a strong capital, but love of education and is willing to To educate the next generation to make the greatest effort.On the other hand, Prof. Zhi-Long Shen, who has been engaged in the research, has made great contributions to the success of Cheerbb's multiple intelligences theory and practice, which is closely related to the love of Cheerbbrs and the cultivation of perseverance, love, adventure and courage to overcome difficulties. Also mentioned: "Cheerbb the cause of the latest policy in line with the state, based on physical and mental development of children, very scientific, I feel Cheerbb love education and love the spirit of mankind."



The picture shows the Cheerbb co-founder Agan


"From the birth of Cheerbb, it has taken the multi-element intelligence as the gene of enterprise growth, that is, to form a new life style by making use of children's nature of loving games Cheerbb is a career of love, and they need to integrate the quality social resources to accomplish the great dream. Cheerbb has built a series of product brands, such as Cheerbb Intelligent Game, Cheerbb Education, Cheerbb Game and Cheerbb Design, and in the future, Cheerbb will enter the field of rent-free cooperation, such as maternal and child health centers, car 4S shops and five-star hotel, the living community and so on. By forming a socialized Cheerbb Smart-play system, the child's talent must be explored, protected, activated and nurtured in the most effective life cycle.



The pictures shows the lecture of Gao Chenghua, a famous puericulturist


He has been committed to research and development "growth steps" evaluation system. As a famous puericulturist who has provided authoritative and professional services to more than 7 million families, Gao Chenghua said that, in the future, he will work with Cheerbb to build a Cheerbb multi-element intelligence evaluation system and making contributions to the intelligence development of children all around the world.



The picture shows the speech of Martin, the Chief Designer of Cheerbb


I found that children have a different reaction system. When the children are exploring the environment they are living in, they are not only exploring the world, but also developing their own talents. In the future, Cheerbb's design will integrate eight intelligent scenes, put more focus on space to select equipment and activites, incorporate more natural elements and create more happiness for children.



The picture shows that, Ye, the Director of Cheerbb, is giving brands to the strategic cooperative enterprises.


Cheerbb has reached a strategic cooperation with many children's industry-related enterprises such as Qimai and Randy and so on. In the future, it will input more quality resources in aspects of intelligent game system of Cheerbb Kingdom, Cheerbb Education, air purification, environmental protection materials, technology, animation, Internet and other areas. They will jointly establish the Children's Industry Alliance, and be committed to the development of children's talent research and development.



The picture shows the speed given by Lin Jiaye, as a representative of partners of Shanghai 96 flagship store.


"Cheerbb has good faith, sincerity and strong action impetus. Cheerbb has great potential both in concept and development. In the future, Cheerbb Play Kingdom will definitely become a miracle in the industry! Lin jiaye, vice president of Magic Your Life and partner of Cheerbb, has shared her case in participating Cheerbb, and she pointed out that, the secret of successively joining Cheerbb is that, success isn't rare, what is rare is the fast speed."



Joint Cheerbb, and cheer together!


We are longing for acquaint more friends sharing the same goal, and build a more beautiful future for the kids!

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